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      • Combination floor mats

        Combination floor mats

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      • All-weather floor mats

        All-weather floor mats

      • Product development

        Product development

      • Quality Assurance

        Quality Assurance

      • 3D Floor mat

        3D Floor mat

      • Multifunctional products

        Multifunctional products

      • Sound-absorbing mats

        Sound-absorbing mats

      About Us

      The Freudenberg Group includes: four major business areas, eleven business groups, forty market segments, and thousands of application areas.
      Four business areas: Sealing and Vibration Technology, Technical Textiles and Filtration, Cleaning Technology and Products, and Specialty Products
      Eleven business groups: Freudenberg Sealing Technology Group, Freudenberg Power Systems Group, Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technology Group, Eagle Borgmann Group, Vibach Group, Freudenberg Performance Materials Group, Freudenberg Performance Materials Group, Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technology Group Debau Filtration Technology Group, Nippon Baoling Co., Ltd., Freudenberg Household and Cleaning Products Group, Freudenberg Specialty Chemicals Group, Freudenberg Medical Group.
      Japan Baoling Co., Ltd. is located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1960. Germany's Freudenberg Group holds 75% of the shares and Japan's Toray Group holds 25% of the shares. Japan Baoling is the largest non-woven manufacturer in Asia and the world's largest non-woven fabric manufacturer. One of the top manufacturers, started with non-woven fabrics and related products, and now covers six major fields including clothing materials, industrial materials, automotive materials, medical consumer goods, electronic products and air-conditioning materials, with a total of about 1,800 products, and Production and sales companies have been established in many countries and regions such as China, the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.
      Among them, the production and sales performance of car floor mats, one of the automotive products, are among the best in the same industry in the world. They also occupy an important position in the total sales of Japan Baoling Co., Ltd. Tianjin Bian Co., Ltd. cooperates with companies in North America, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and Germany to operate the automotive floor mat business, providing customers with the highest level of product quality, customer service and innovative technology.



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      The 6th China Internationl Import Expo
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      Wonderful moments of trade union tourism in 2023!
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